Read what people are saying about CCVI & Trolley Run

About CCVI

"CCVI has served as the model to other local schools on how to integrate the most challenging of students into a classroom with typical peers with benefit gained from all within the classroom.  The reputation of CCVI hinges on this unique and integrative approach to the educational process of children with disabilities.  As past presidents of the Parent Group at CCVI, we proudly share about this specialized educational approach built on a foundation of love and acceptance of every student that walks their hallways, either by cane, by wheelchair, by walker, etc."

- Stephanie & Monte Overcast whose son graduated from CCVI last year.

"Jason and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity for Phero to learn and grow at CCVI. I'm in awe of what Phero has learned in such a short time, what a "young man" he has become. Something new every day. Even though Phero is there as a peer model, we feel like Phero learns and gains so much more from each of his classmates, and so do we as parents. 

Thank you for your dedication, your patience, your love, your wisdom, your enthusiasm, and your smiles and laughter. When I walk through the halls at CCVI I know every child is loved."

- Amy Bhesania & Jason Milford, whose son Phero is a sighted peer. 

"Our daughter in the sighted peer program has learned from her time at CCVI that you can be friends with all kinds of people whether or not they communicate, see or look like you."  

- Susan & Glen Jack our 2014-2015 Parent Group Presidents. Their daughter in the sighted peer program graduated last year. Their visually impaired daughter is a student in Classroom 5. 


"The improvements our son has made since starting with CCVI are incredible and we cannot wait to see how quickly he continues to show visual development, as well as meet other developmental milestones."

- Tracy & Matthew Moore whose son transitioned from the Infant Program to the Preschool Program


"Due to my husband's job, we left CCVI unexpectedly and too soon. We miss CCVI greatly and are not sure if we'll ever find another another school where our son is loved as much as he was at CCVI. And we will love CCVI always."

- Amber Hughes


"The biggest surprise I had at CCVI was how much I enjoyed everything about working here. My perception of the visually impaired children changed dramatically. I will always remember the exact moment when it hit me. The difference between a blind child and a "normal" child is slim to none. The kids here are just great! They are in a loving, caring, and unbelievably knowledgeable environment here at CCVI."

- Ben who completed his Senior Service Project for Rockhurst High School at CCVI

About Trolley Run

"Great course for a PR, friendly spectators and volunteers, scenic, for a good cause. Good distance for starting to push past a 5K."

"It benefits a great cause. The residents of the neighborhoods along the route make it super fun. The route is mostly flat so it is great for everyone."

"Best race in KC! Must do event!"

"The Trolley Run is my favorite race to participate in. It is very well organized and I love the course. The after-race bash is great as well."

"It's the fastest 4 mile race around!"

"Best race in KC. My total favorite. Fast awesome course." 

"It's a great run for a great cause. I love it an do it every year."

"GO FOR IT!!!  Fast run great for beginners and a PR magnet for experienced runners!!!"

"It's a BLAST, you should definitely sign up!"

"Lots of participants, awesome course, good family friendly event."


"Lots of bus shuttles made transportation easy."

- All comments taken from the 2017 Trolley Run Post-Race Survey