Meet Angie

Welcome to the CCVI Trolley Run blog! My name is Angie Nease, and I’m thrilled be part of Trolley Run 2015. Whether you are an experienced runner, a supporter of CCVI looking for ways to assist in fundraising, or someone who has never run but might consider it, this blog and amazing 4-mile race have something for you!

We will have several posts each month covering running topics and items related to Trolley Run specifics (fundraising, family teams, race details, etc.) The Trolley Run co-chairs, CCVI's Executive Director, a CCVI Family Team, and the fabulous leader of the Sunday Trolley Running Group and owner of KC Endurance (he’s super fast and I seethe with envy over his speed) all will contribute posts, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Meet Angie Nease

What is my contribution to the blog? My personal goal as a new member of the Trolley Run committee and as a dedicated “average” runner is to bring as many new and inexperienced runners to the race as possible. Afraid you can’t run?  Think you’re slow? See the fast runners and think you don’t belong? Come be my friend...I’ve got your back! I promise to get you to that starting line with plenty of humor and just enough snark to keep it real.

I have been a runner for 12 years.  I am a 40+ mom and wife, and I’ve raced every distance from the 5k to the marathon. I write a blog about recreational running (sadly, I am no superstar, so no need to be jealous,) and I try to be an ambassador for this great sport.

My love for running began soon after the birth of my second child. I started exercising and built some confidence but still stared at the runners on the treadmills with envy. They seemed like they were the epitome of fitness. I was in shape but couldn’t run a mile, and I just decided to make one mile a fitness goal.

I started slowly, a few minutes at a time, and my passion was born. I ran for five years before ever entering a race (a half marathon in 2007) because I was intimidated and thought I wasn’t “good enough” to race, but after that first experience, I was hooked on the fun of racing complementing the solitary nature of running and realized that races are for EVERYONE.

Angie crosses the Finish Line of her first half marathon

Can you tell how enthusiastic I am about running and racing in this picture? You can just feel the love!  I promise that I’m not usually this dramatic...

If you already run, then you likely drink the Kool-Aid, and my dramatic finish makes perfect sense. If you don’t run, then you might think that it doesn’t look fun at all. In fact, you might wonder why you see runners out in all kinds of crazy weather and people like me voluntarily crossing finish lines looking like we’ve been tortured. Sweating buckets in singlets and short shorts, bundled up in balaclavas and stuffed like Randy from A Christmas Story, you see us on the streets all snotsicles and sweat and we look crazy. Why do we do it? Why would you want to be a part of it?

We do it because running soothes the soul and brings out our best (and I can’t lie, sometimes my worst!) It embraces the gift of good health and puts the mind in the moment. Other than being with my family, I am never more present in life than when I run, and I want to share that joy with others...with you. It’s a not-so-secret-secret, and when you can run, push yourself to be your best (whatever YOUR personal best is), and be surrounded by like-minded people while raising money for an incredibly special cause, it’s an incredible blessing.

The 4-mile Trolley Run is a great distance, an important local cause (money goes to fund programming for CCVI students, not to some corporate race promoter), and a great time of year to’s just the right motivation to get you moving through the winter months, and committing to a race is the perfect way to ensure that you get your running minutes covered each week. If you have a spring half marathon, it would be a great tempo run/speed workout. If you are looking for your first race ever, it’s the perfect race for you, with a mostly downhill course and a distance just slightly greater than a 5k so you can brag.  If you’ve never run a 4-mile race, trust’s so fun to try to extend your 5k pace that extra 8/10 of a mile! And did I mention that the afterparty is at the Plaza? Seriously? I will see you there! We’ll take dramatic finish pictures together!

Comments? Questions? Stay in touch! Find Trolley Run on FacebookTwitter, and my running blog! Be sure to check out the website for info related to the race, fundraising, Family Teams, Corporate Sponsored Teams, the Kids’ Run, and more. And consider joining us for the Sunday training runs with Jeremy from KC Endurance. If you are interested but not up to running yet, start walking regularly, as it is a great way to get your lower body used to low-impact exercise before moving on to running. And remember, early bird registration pricing is just $30 right now! Click HERE to sign up.

I hope you will share the experience of running with me and the other bloggers in the coming months, and that you will consider participating in the 27th Annual CCVI Trolley Run with us. I want to see you cross that finish line and will do what I can to get you there.