Why I Run

I can’t believe Trolley Run is in a few months! It is one of my favorite races because I always end up getting a Personal Record, probably because most of this run is downhill! And as a runner, I am all about that downhill!

But there’s more to this race! Trolley Run is one of the largest timed four mile road races in the country. The course follows the old streetcar/trolley tracks in Kansas City and hence, the name, Trolley Run. I am excited to be part of this Kansas City tradition that goes back 30 years.

But the cause behind this race is even better. Trolley Run is the largest annual fundraiser for the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired. This organization prepares young blind or visually impaired children to reach their highest potential in sighted world. All funds raised from the race go toward critical programming at the center.

As a kid who’s been helped a lot growing up, I am all about giving back. Through the generosity of several families and organizations in Kansas City, I’ve received medical care, as well as kindness and so much love.  One of my host mothers always encouraged me to help and give back. She started volunteering with the Trolley Run and due to her encouragement, I volunteered for this race as well, several years ago. I loved every moment of it, and have continued volunteering since then. The staff, the volunteers, the course and of course the cause are all wonderful.

In addition, the company I work for, Knit-Rite, has been a sponsor for several years. We, as a company, don’t just support the race financially, but also run it as a team. It’s a fun team building activity and also helps to support one of our company principles – to give back to our communities. And listen up, fellow runners, we make running socks. Our Core-Sport and TheraSport brand gradient compression socks and sleeves help improve circulation which in turn can help provide reduction in muscle fatigue, enhanced performance and faster recovery.

Finally, I love this race because I love running. I was born without legs and so I spent most of my life not being able to run. Watching others run and play from the sidelines was most definitely not fun and I longed to join them. Someone special along the way believed in me and gave me a pair of good quality running blades. It has changed my life. Now I don’t take running for granted. Running any race is a joy, but running a race with a good cause behind it is especially joyous. April 29th can’t get here soon enough. Only 15 more weeks to go! 

Tanya (Tatsiana Khvitsko-Trimborn)

2016 Knit Rite Trolley Run Team

The 2016 Knit Rite Trolley Run Team. Tanya is on the far right.