The Trolley Run is a family tradition for your Family Team co-chairs

Dear members of the CCVI family,

Jason and I are honored to be the CCVI Family Team Committee co-chairs for the fourth year in a row. We hope that January finds you well and dreaming of the spring weather of the Trolley Run. Last year, we were enthused by the amount of money family teams raised for CCVI, but not surprised. We know how much love CCVI's friends and families have for their children and their school!

We enjoy bringing our two-year-old son, Arthur, along with us on race day. Soon, he'll be old enough to participate in the Kids' Run as well. We now truly understand how parents will do anything for their children. This is one of the many reasons we are so fortunate to have CCVI in our community. For 65 years, CCVI has helped more than 10,000 children with visual impairments. The school provides support for families from the beginning when they may be feeling scared and vulnerable and continues that support through kindergarten. Through volunteering, we’ve witnessed firsthand the growth of these children and the difference a school like CCVI can make. 

You might have heard that the Trolley Run turns 30 this year!  I grew up on the route, so I remember it passing by the house when I was little and going out to wave to the runners. I can honestly say it has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

You may not realize this, but the Trolley Run is CCVI’s largest fundraiser, and it relies on the run to raise two-thirds of its annual budget. This year, we'd love to raise $65,000 in honor of CCVI's 65th anniversary!  To date, you have already raised nearly 15% of this goal. With your help, we are on course (pun intended J) to meet or exceed our goal!

We encourage you to create a family team to support your student or alum. Have fun with it! (Family team names seem to get more and more creative each year.) Consider using social media to connect with your family, friends, and colleagues. You might be surprised how many are willing to donate. Every little bit helps!

Click HERE to create a CCVI Family Team.

Note: To receive a personalized family team t-shirt, you must register by Friday, March 31 at midnight.

Please reach out to us if or if you have any questions about family teams, including getting started. We'll see you at Packet Pickup and on race day!

Thank you,

Jason and Michaela Soyland

The Soylands at the 2015 Trolley Run